Fossils of Ariyalur – In the News

Image: The Newsminute

Both Ramesh and I are big readers of science news. And where history is involved, science is rarely far behind. And as readers of historical mysteries, both history and science — even if it’s occasionally of the pseudo kind — interest us.

So when folks wonder with bated breath, if indeed Nefertiti’s tomb is hidden behind Tutankhamen‘s – we sit up and take notice. Similarly wine-making or even fish-sauce making has its share of science. Swords and other weapons of war too fascinate us – Damascene swords (that came from India), iron pillars that don’t rust – are all inanimate things that animate us. Another whole class of inanimate things are fossils, the only remnants of often extinct, birds or animals – dinosaurs, fishes, nautiluses, which help us solve many a mystery about the world around us.

Recently I read about the Fossils of Ariyalur.  Despite having grown up in Chennai, less than 200 miles away, I knew nothing about them. Luckily this video (below) and article introduced me to the wonders of Ariyalur fossils. Like far too many things in India, these are not valued as much as they should, but hopefully, stories such as these will change that. Check out the video and share with us your own favorite fossils and stories about them. Read the original article here.


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