Food in Historical Fiction – Podcast #4

What makes historical mysteries such compelling reads? It’s not just the historical settings or the suspense and pace of a rollicking good bit of detective fiction. It’s also the fact that when it’s done well, historical fiction can give you a visceral sense of being right there. And food is as much a part of being a spectator to a bygone era as the sights, smells, colors, social interactions, and daily goings-on of the particular locale that the stories are set in.

Besides, we might as well admit it – we’re foodies, and descriptions of food and cuisine add as much to our enjoyment of this genre as historical settings, page-turning plot lines and character development do!

So in this podcast, we explore the cuisines of antiquity and how they play a part in the stories that we love to read. Let us know what ancient cuisines tickle your palate, and your favorite novels featuring foods!

Here are the particular cuisines we talk about, and the authors that feature them in their works:

Roman: Steven Saylor, Caroline Lawrence
Egyptian: PC Doherty
Medieval English: PC Doherty, Ellis Peters
Viking: Bernard Cornwell

You can also check out our blog post on some spicy mysteries in historical fiction.



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