I, Claudius — Review in Verse

ClaudiusFrom crippled simpleton,
To Emperor of the realm,
Does this tale extend.
And when all is said and done,
It is he who is at the helm
That really counts in the end.

I first came to hear
Robert Graves’ I, Claudius
In Sir Derek Jacobi’s gravelly tone.
He takes us from the year
Of the ascent of Augustus
Through his successors to the throne.

Spurned by his own mother,
And witness to the evil plotting
Of Livia: Empress and schemer,
Claudius had quite another
Kind of upbringing.
So he grew up a dreamer,
With an interest in the past,
A keenly observant eye,
A talent for writing,
And a knack for how to last,
Or how not to die
In the midst of in-fighting.

And so through Claudius’ voice,
Graves weaves the tale
Of the early Roman Empire.
It’s a narrative choice
That doesn’t fail.
Now, if you were to inquire,
I can’t say if this is a good read
Since I only heard it narrated
(Although I found that captivating).
But I do believe — indeed
It can now be stated:
I’d give it a 4 star rating.


2 thoughts on “I, Claudius — Review in Verse

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