Why Roma? Podcast #1

Ever since I read my first Steven Saylor novel, I’ve been hooked to mystery stories set in Ancient Rome.  For the first few years, I was too busy reading and chasing down the ones I hadn’t read. And I never stopped to ask “Why are so many historical mysteries set in Rome?”

So for our first podcast at HistorynMystery, Ramesh and I decided to explore this question and more. As promised in the podcast, here are the authors and books that we talk about in this first podcast.

Authors, Series

Albert Bell, Pliny the Younger case series
Bruce MacBain, Plinius Secundus series
Caroline LawrenceThe Roman Mysteries
Colleen McCullough, Masters of Rome series
John Maddox Roberts, SPQR series
Kate QuinnMistress of Rome series
Lindsey Davis, Marcus Didius Falco series
Robert HarrisCicero series – Pompeii
Steven Saylor, Roma Sub Rosa series

Let us know why you think Rome is such a popular setting for historical mysteries, and what your favorite Roman mystery novels are.


One thought on “Why Roma? Podcast #1

  1. Enjoyed the podcast! It piqued my interest in historical fiction – inclined to start reading many of the recommendations. Actually, as I was listening to it, I was thinking to myself, “Where do I start?” By the end, the podcast had answered my question! Thank you for a great first episode – I’m looking forward to the next one!


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