The Archer’s Tale – Review in Verse

‘Tis the tale of young Thomas:
Not the one beset by doubt,
But the one whose filial promise
Is to do his dead father proud.
So while the Hundred Years War
Rages everywhere around him,
Thomas of Hookton travels far
As his many enemies surround him.

With his longbow of yew
And a quiverful of arrows,
He and his motley crew
Confront villains and heroes,
In the French countryside
Across moats and castles,
Fording rivers wide
In a tempest of battles,
Where lurking in their midst
Is the mystery of the Grail –
Will Thomas in its Quest,
Succeed or fail?

Cornwell is a past master
At blending history with fiction,
Making the pace faster
And page turning an addiction.
If you pick up this book
You won’t put it down,
Even if it well took
All night past sundown.
And after the Archer’s Tale
There’s Vagabond and Heretic to come —
I say this Quest for the Grail
Is 4 stars and then some.

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